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About Us 

SweeneyFX was created back in 2020 by VFX Artist and devoted Christian Isaiah Sweeney. Starting out with just special effects, Isaiah focused heavily on making effects look as eye-catching as possible while at the same time keeping that clean, realistic look. After years of editing, he came to realize the lack of production companies with quality special effects in the NJ area and decided to turn his attention to all film-related needs. SweeneyFX expanded its services to include promotions, commercials, and weddings in addition to keeping all VFX services available. 

SweeneyFX is a video production studio that uses its background in special effects to create eye-stunning videos

Why Us? 

SweeneyFX video productions will give you results found nowhere else.

  • Our vast array of special effects skills allows us to achieve beautiful results in not-so-beautiful situations. From removing someone in the background, to completely changing the scene, we have you covered

  • We take pride in everything we do and will not settle until you receive the result you dreamed of

  • Our years of experience have allowed us to learn the most effective methods of editing in order to get you your final product as fast as possible

Why Us
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