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About the film

This film is a remake of a previous film I done called "011IE". I feel that I have improved greatly in my skills of storytelling, filming, compositing, and editing and can make my previous film much greater. The previous film was all shot in first person, but I want to make this remake  have a whole new look. It will be filmed like a tradition movie, in third person, and  will include many things that the previous film didn't include such as music, different actors, props, greenscreen and much more. 

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Artist Proposal

Brief Summary
Isaiah is just a regular guy trying to pursue his passion for photography. He goes out to go take photos when he sees a spaceship falling from the sky. A robot alien crashes back onto earth and Isaiah helps him escape a mad military general. They camp out in an abandoned building and head to the closest military base to find a spaceship strong enough to escape earth. They make it to the base and are ambushed by the General. The robot transforms into an attack version in order to save Isaiah's life and he begins to fight off the remaining soldiers. After defeating all his foes, He opens up the military hanger that the spaceship is in. Before the robot leaves, he looks over at Isaiah and hands him his power-infused wristband as a gift of gratitude. The robot then hops onto the spaceships and blasts off into outer space.
In-Depth Summary

Just getting a new camera for Christmas, I decided to go outside to test it out. As I'm out recording, there's is a noticeably loud explosion sound off in the distance. I look up to see a spaceship come crashing down and hits the ground. I go to inspect the wreckage to see parts of a robot scattered across the ground. Before I make contact with the wreckage, the pieces begin to glow and start to put themselves back together. It becomes alive and it scans me in order to make sure that I'm not a threat. After finding out that I'm safe, It tries its best to communicate to me. I end up finding out that he’s not from this planet and, through the use of hologram projections, he shows me that there are more of his kind and the military have been experimenting. The military, led by a mad General, is searching for him and his wristband as well. He wants my help to get him back to his planet, but before he has a chance to continue, we are interrupted by the police. Once the police realize that the Robot is here, they begin to open fire in an attempt to capture him. We escape by running through the forest and ending up at the entrance of an abandoned building. We run inside and camp out for the night in an attempt to escape the police. The Robot uses his iridescent eyes to light the area and begins to build a fire. As we camp out in an abandoned building, I try to ask more questions and I discover that he has markings on his arm that says 011IE, but I pronounce it as just OLLIE. We also discovered that there is a spaceship close by that he can use to get back home, however, it is in a heavily guarded military base. We devise a plan to get into the military base by setting a fire right outside the base to distract the soldiers inside. As they're distracted, we slip inside the base undetected. However right before we make it to the ship, OLLIE is shot this a special device to incapacitate him and disables his abilities. We are then confronted by the mad General. He explains to me that they have been doing research on OLLIE’s kind for years and that he wasn’t the first they had to kill already and he won’t be the last. After explaining the situation to me, he states that I'm too much of a liability to be kept alive and points his gun at me. The device he has attached to OLLIE is meant to disable all known powers that that species possesses, however, OLLIE isn’t like the others of his species. He possesses an ability that hasn’t been seen by any of his kind and was only able to unleash this power after seeing me on the verge of death. OLLIE springs into an attack mode and he gains a shield and becomes much stronger. The General instantly runs from the danger, and OLLIE focuses his attention on the many soldiers that surround us. He single handily kills multiply soldiers and tanks as he fights to protect me. After he finds that we are safe, he focuses his attention on the military hander that houses that spaceship he needs to get back home. He blasts the hanger open and makes his way to the spaceship.  OLLIE and I say our final goodbye and he takes off his armband and gives it to me as a memory. He gets back in the ship and flies off into space and the screen fades to black. 

Post credit scene shows the general getting back to the lab and saying “I guess we have to unleash project 10XIE” and the camera cuts to a pair of red robot eyes turning on.

Technical Specs

In order to complete this project, I will be using the software Foundry Nuke, Autodesk Maya, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Nuke will be used for compositing my live-action footage with greenscreen and 3d rendered assets. Maya and Blender will be used for modeling and animations of OLLIE and other characters in addition to some simulations. Photoshop will be used for anything that deals with graphics and photo editing. Premiere Pro will be used to finally create the timeline and order all my clips into the final movie. It will be all exported using Adobe Media Encoder at HD quality. For hardware, I will be using a high-quality camera for live-action footage, a camera stabilizer/ gimbal to get the smooth shots, a 360 camera in order to capture reflections and HDRI’s, and greenscreens to key myself and others out. Soldier and crowd 3D models and animations will be taken from Adobe Mixamo. Addition 3d models and objects will be credited in later documentation as I decide which models I will use. This film will be between 10-15 minutes long.



My intended audience is the age group 15-36 years olds who enjoy sci-fi films. The action in the film will keep the attention of the audience and the storyline won't be too complex so teens and the younger audience can follow along.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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